This is the first tab “Shipping Details”.

Choose a “Processing Date” - A processing date is the date when your shopping cart will be checked out every month - if you select “October 1st” as your processing date, your order will be processed on the 1st of EVERY MONTH until you amend the date in the virtual office again. The grey out dates are not available for check out anymore (Young Living has a limited numbers of orders to be processed on a given day). 

Under “Shipping Method”, select “FedEx” or “DHL” as the shipping method. Please make sure the delivery address & phone numbers are correct.

When this is done - go to the 2nd tab “Add Products”.

Input the quantity you wish to purchase and Click “Add to Cart” 
Click “Add Product” if you would like to add more to your shopping cart. Otherwise, go to the 3rd tab “Select Payment”.

Select the credit card you wish to use for paying the order on the right hand side of the page. Once selected, make sure you clicked “Select CC” so that the designated card will be showing on the left hand side of the page. 

The bottom of the page shows your order summary. Make sure that the details are correct and are over 50PV. Once confirmed, you must click “Save Essential Rewards” to make sure that the template is saved. 

Click “Add Product” and search for the products you wish to purchase

Login to your HK NFR Virtual Office at - On your left hand side panel, Select “Essential Rewards”.

Click “Complete Now” to set up a new Essential Rewards Template. This is your monthly shopping cart.