You can search the name or the product code of the items that you wish to purchase or you can browse through the items under different categories.
Click “+ Add Product” to add that to your Essential Rewards template (Your shopping Cart).
If you want to delete an item, click on the Rubbish Bin icon on the right hand side for that particular item. When you are done with your purchase, click “Continue”.
Select a “Shipping Method” on the “Delivery Detail” page. Select “Shipping” or “Willcall - Hong Kong” (Self-pick up at YLHK Sheung Wan Office). If you select “Shipping”, please make sure that your Shipping Address is correct. You can also amend your Shipping Address by clicking onto “Change Address”. When you shipping details are confirmed, please click “Next Step”.
On the “Payment Details” page, you can “Add a New Payment Option” if you wish to use another credit card for your purchase.
You can choose which card you would like to use under “Edit Payment Method”. Then click “Confirm”.
If you would like to add a new credit card, you can click onto “Add Payment Method”.
Please input a MasterCard or Visa card. DO NOT input American Express card.
Once all set, click onto “Confirm My Payment Option”. Your Essential Rewards Order is now saved.
Once your Essential Rewards is set up - you will see a summary page of your essential Rewards order. To change the “Processing Date” of your order, click onto “Change Process Day”.
You can find there are some dates not available because the daily quota of processing the essential rewards order has been reached. Click onto the dates available.
The Processing Date has been changed to “24th of the month” successfully.
On the left-hand side of the panel, you will find the next selection, “Rewards Points”. It gives you a summary of your essential rewards points information. You can “Redeem Your Rewards Points”. For more information on how to redeem your points, please visit our next Tutorial on “Redeem Your Rewards Points” video.
The next selection is “PV Assistant”. Here you can set up your PV Assistant and in case there are any out of stock items, your PV Assistant will help you to order your wish list items to meet your minimum monthly PV.
You can Turn off your PV Assistant anytime by clicking on to “Turn off PV Assistant”.
You can view your Rewards Points History by clicking on to “Rewards Points History” on the left-hand side of the New Virtual Office panel.
For example, I would like to purchase the oil “Brain Power”. Type “Brain” or “Brain Power” in the search box, then hit Enter.
To set up your PV Assistant, you can add the items to the wish list and if there is anything on your Essential Rewards shopping cart is out of stock, the wish list items will be purchase to replace the out of stock items in order to reach your minimum PV requirement. For Example, I would like to add 2 Lavenders to my wish list. Therefore, in case there are any out of stock items on my essential rewards, I will purchase the lavender instead to reach my minimum PV requirements.

To start an Essential Rewards program, please go to “Essential Rewards” on the left-hand side of your New Virtual Office panel.

Click “Join Now”

Here you will see the “Essential Rewards Order Summary”. Click “Add Products to Your Monthly Order” to add the items you wish to purchase.

How to Place an OTG Essential Rewards (ER) Order?

Managing ER Order in New Virtual Office
Join ER in New Virtual Office