Seed to Seal Process

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Seed to Seal Process


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Essential Oil in a Day

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The Frequencies of Essential Oil, Foods, People & Thoughts

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The Wellness Line

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Using essential oils safely

Using EO safely

How concentrated are Essential Oils?

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Distillation Process

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Seed to Seal Process - Jared Turner COO

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Essential oils safety

EO Safety

Know more about the Rose Oil

Our rose is a white pure rose oil that is high in a certain sesquiterpene called stearoptene, which causes a high congealing point. When the rose oil is cool, it will congeal. Shaking it or placing it in warm water will allow it to liquefy. This is considered a normal characteristic and the oil will continue to retain its full properties.


Know more about the Lemon Oil

Lemon Did you know

Grades of Essential Oil 

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