Go to “Become a member” / “會員註冊”

1. Select your current “Country”. The above shown specifically for “Hong Kong”. Please select your own current “Country”.

2. Select your “Language” preference

3. Always select to become a “Wholesale Member” (aka Distributor)


4. If you know your referral’s membership ID - please select “A member referred me, and I have his or her information” and fill in “Sponsor ID” and “Enroller ID”

Step I - Personal Information
Please fill in your name as appeared on your Hong Kong Identity Card

Step 1 - Personal Information (Continue)
Please fill in Preferred Language and the Email Address.
Step 1 - Personal Information (Continue)
Information
Step 2
Select your “Starter Kit”
Select one of the followings “Shipping Method”

Will Call


Please note that if you check the box “I’d rather not receive e-mail updates”, you will not be able to receive any email communications from YLHK including important members notices or events & monthly or events promotions.


Remember to check “I agree to the Young Living Essential Oils Distributor Agreement” before proceed.


Please make sure that a correct address for accurate shipping/delivery.

Also leave a phone number that can be reached for delivery purposes.







Wholesale member


Prepare your Enroller’s and Sponsor’s membership ID


In case you do not have the enroller or sponsor ID, you may use “1225966” and please send an email to enquiry@oilfreedomclub.com to let us know how you get to know Young Living and we will allocate to the appropriate introducer. (Within 3 days)


Make sure you jog down your password and pin for easy retrieval.

Difference between password and pin:


1. Passwords: members use passwords for logging in to the Virtual Office for online ordering


2. Pin: It is a secret pin to protect your account when communicating with YL office.


All “Wholesale Members” are required to purchase a “Starter Kit”. It can be either “Premium Starter Kit” aka PSK or “Basic Starter Kit”. 

Recommend all new joiners to select the “Premium Starter Kit” as it value for money. (But of course it is at your own choice)

It includes:


1. 10 Basic Oils to start with (it is subjected to change due to stock availability)

2. Dew Drop Diffuser (Worth of HKD625 Wholesale price)

3. 2 Packs of Ningxia Red


Do not suggest to select ER program at this stage due to system constraints.


** Essential Rewards program - A once a month order that would be processed automatically on a specific date of each month with a minimum purchase of 50PVs. It earn Rewards Points to redeem free Young Living products later.


** All members can join this reward at anytime after the first purchase via logging onto the virtual office.

Step 3 - (Optional) Pick your Essential Rewards Kit
All members can choose whether they would like to enrol to the Monthly Essential Rewards program**. It is the YLHK policy that the first order from a new member cannot be an Essential Rewards order.  All members can join this reward at anytime. For simplicity, you can simple click
“No, Thank you.”.
Step 4 - Creat Account
Once you have clicked “Next”, it brings you to a summary page of your member information before creating your account. Please double check to make sure the information provided is correct. Click “Create Account”.
Step 5 - To place your first Order
After your account has been successfully created, a new Window pops up shows the Young Living Hong Kong Virtual Office. Please select “NEW Premium Starter Kit” and “Add to Cart”.


Take a screenshot of this page and email it to yourself.  Together in your email also write down your membership number, password and pin after “Create Account”.


This is the Classic Virtual Office interface where all members log in for online ordering.


You can also access this virtual office via this link:



Step 5 - To place your first Order (Continue)
You can click onto “Continue Shopping” if you would like to purchase other items. After you are done shopping, simply click “Check Out”.


Note your membership number on the top of the page. The name inside the () is your Log in name. Members can use either this log in name or your membership number for logging onto the virtual office.


Step 5 - To place your first Order (Continue)


** Will Call - self-pick up in Young Living Hong Kong office in Sheung Wan. This is where you will need your Pin when you pick up from YL Hong Kong Office.


** Shipping - With purchases under $2,000, the delivery charge is $60; With purchase $2,000 and over, the delivery charge is $40.


Please make sure your delivery address is correct before proceed

Step 5 - To place your first Order (Continue)
Please key in your credit card information - VISA or MASTERCARD.


YLHK currently DOES NOT accept American Express.


You can select “Store this payment on file for future use” to avoid keying in credit card information overtime you would like to make a purchase

Step 5 - To place your first Order (Continue)
This is a summary page of your order with “Total PV” shown as well as the Order Total including Shipping, if any.


Make sure the purchase list, and the shipping cost is correct before placing the order.


The shipping cost should be “0” if Will Call is selected.

Step 5 - To place your first Order (Continue)

Please again double check your delivery method selected and credit card information. Please then click “Submit Order”.

Once the order is submitted, an order number will be generated.


To see your previous order, you can go to “Recent Orders” of your Virtual Office.


To pick up your items at YLHK - please bring along your membership number, pin number and the order number.