The Sign-up link:

1. Always Select to become a “Wholesale Member” (aka Distributor)

2. Search your current “Country”. The above shown specifically for “Hong Kong”. Please select your own current “Country” if you do not reside in either places.

3. Select your “Language” preference

4. If you know your referral’s membership ID - please select “I am referred by a member and have their ID numbers” on the right hand side of the page. After selected, you can fill in “My Sponsor ID” and “Enroller ID”

Part I - Membership Information


** Sponsor - A new Distributor’s (you) direct upline and main support. The Sponsor may also be the Enroller


** Enroller - The person responsible for personally introducing a new Distributor to Young Living. 

Part II - Sign-In Information
Part III - Commission Processing Information
Individual Members - Please fill in HKID numberAfter it is filled, please check the box under “Terms and Conditions” before proceed.
Step 1 - Select your “Starter Kit”
Step 2 - Enrollment to the Monthly Essential Rewards program
If you wish you enrol, simply select “Essential Rewards (Monthly Recurring Order) and choose one of the Essential Rewards kit and check the box “Yes, add the selected Essential Rewards kit to my membership order!” before proceed.
If you do not wish to enrol in the Essential Rewards for now, simply select “No, thank you, not today.”
Step 3 - Shipping & Payment
Member can select either “Will Call” or “Shipping”
Please also fill in your credit card information for processing. Please DO NOT input “American Express”
When the information is filled. Click “Next” and “Place Order” and your ordering process is now completed.


Please fill in your name as appeared on your Hong Kong Identity Card 


Please note that if you uncheck the box “Receive Email Communication”, you will not be able to receive any email communications from YLHK including important members notices or events & monthly or events promotions

Please make sure you have a correct address and phone number for delivery purposes 


Please keep both password and pin for easy retrieval.


Passwords: members use passwords for logging in to the Virtual Office for online ordering


Pin: this will be asked when members communicate with Young Living when visiting to the YLHK office, Emails, Calls or Live Help.


If the member is signing up under as an Individual - please fill in your HKID number.


All “Wholesale Members” are required to purchase a “Starter Kit”. It can be either “Premium Starter Kit” aka PSK or “Basic Starter Kit”. 


Recommend all new joiners to select the “Premium Starter Kit” as it value for money. (But of course it is at your own choice)


It includes:


1. 10 Basic Oils to start with (it is subjected to change due to stock availability)

2. Dew Drop Diffuser (Worth of HKD625 Wholesale price)

3. 2 Packs of Ningxia Red


All members can choose whether they would like to enrol to the Monthly Essential Rewards program**.


** Essential Rewards program - A once a month order that would be processed automatically on a specific date of each month with a minimum purchase of 50PVs. It earn Rewards Points to redeem free Young Living products later.


** All members can join this reward at anytime after the first purchase via logging onto the virtual office.


Please be careful - if you have sign up for Essential Rewards, please manage your account monthly.


** Will Call - self-pick up in Young Living Hong Kong office in Sheung Wan


** Delivery Shipping - With purchases under $2,000, the delivery charge is $60; With purchase $2,000 and over, the delivery charge is $40.


Please double check the shipping address and phone number for delivery and you can make any changes by going to the previous page.

YLHK currently DOES NOT accept American Express

Part I - Membership Information 

Hong Kong Member Sign up Procedures